Eligibility for applying in U.P Housing & Development Board

  1. There is no income limit for applying for home in U.P Housing & Development Board.
  2. Applicant must be 18 years old at the time of filing an application.
  3. Applicant or his/her family must not be owning any other plot or house in the city where a house is allotted to him/her. Apart from this the applicant or his/her family must not own more than one plot or house in the entire state.
  4. At the time of allotment or any time after the allotment, the applicant or his/her family must not own the property more than specified under Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act-1976 including the property allotted by the Housing Board also.
  5. If the applicant or anyone in his/her family is registered earlier as well under different scheme and in the mean time is allotted the plot/house in that earlier scheme then that allotment or this new registration will be cancelled.
  6. Those people registered earlier with the Housing Board under any category and have not been allotted the plot/house can register themselves for the new scheme by paying the balance registration amount. The interest earned on earlier deposited registration amount will be settled in the last installment to be paid.

Procedure for applying in U.P Housing & Development Board

  1. Application form along with challan (4 copies) attached in the application booklet should be duly filled. This should be submitted along with the registration amount in cash or bank draft payable to U.P Housing & Development Board in the respective city's approved bank before the last date mentioned in the form. In case of bank draft it should be noted that it should be encashed in the same city only where the application form is submitted. The 4th copy of the challan will be returned back by the bank which should be kept safe.
  2. If the application letter is deposited by post then it should be noted that the letter alongwith the bank draft and the challan duly filled should reach before the last date to Indian Overseas Bank, 3-Vidhaan Sabha Marg, Lucknow - 226001 by registered post only. The bank will send the 4th copy of the challan back to the applicant by post which should be kept in safety.
  3. Regsistration amount should be deposited either in cash or in terms of bank draft in the respective bank. Incomplete and late submitted forms will not be entertained.

Rules for Registration in U.P Housing & Development Board

  1. Registration cannot be done for more than one or joint names. Joint registration is valid in the case of husband-wife only. In special cases registration can be transferred in the name of husband/wife or close blood relations as per the rules of the Housing Board. Application of the person other than the registered person will not be entertained.
  2. Registration is done in the name of applicants personally not in the name of certain society etc.
  3. Board is not bound to allotted the houses/plots to every registration holders. Those who are not allotted the land/house by the Board are not entitled to claim the dues/amount spent.
  4. If no. of registrations are higher than the available plots/land then old registration holders will be preferred over the new ones. In general category allotment is done through lottery system.
  5. No interest will be paid on the amount deposited for registration with the Board. If any person cancels his/her registration and wants the amount back then the amount is returned back by deduction of 20% and that too without any interest. at the time of cancellation 4th copy of challan received from the bank at the time of registration has to be deposited.
  6. If Board cancels the registration then the registration amount is returned without deduction of penalty. If the amount is returned after 1 year then the simple interest at rate of 6% is paid.

Allotment in U.P Housing & Development Board

  1. Normally every registration holders will be allotted a plot/house.
  2. Allotment of houses/plots will be based on lottery system. Normally the allotted property will not be changed/transferred. In certain circumstances, the Housing Commissioner can change the allotment by charging 5% amount of total expenditure. Property is allotted on "As It Is and Where It Is" basis. The dispute on quality of property will not be entertained after the acquisition of the property. If anybody doesn’t acquire the property after it is allotted to him due to certain reasons and the Housing Commissioner accepts his/her application then the deposited registration amount is returned back cutting the penalty of 20%.
  3. Under normal circumstances the allotment of the property is done within 3 years from the date of registration. If due to unavoidable reasons the construction of the houses is delayed then the Board will not be responsible and no interest will be given on the amount paid.
  4. Allottee cannot sell or transfer the property allotted to him/her without prior permission from the Housing Board.
  5. The land of the allotted houses will be on leasehold. The lease would be of 90 years and will be renewed thereafter every 30 years. The annual rent for lease would be 0.25% of the present land rate. Housing Board can increase it as well.
  6. The decision of the Housing Commissioner in case of any dispute in registration or allotment will be the last and final. The Housing Commissioner has the right to change the prerequisites described as per his/her will.