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arw Advertisement regarding special E-Auction for various Residential/Non-Residential Properties of UPAVP. E-Auction proposed on dated 27.12.2023 [6 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 06/12/2023
arw Advertisement regarding E-Auction for Hotel Plots under Bhoomi Vikas Grihsthan Evam Bazar Scheme, Ayodhya (Green Field Township).E-Auction proposed on dated 08.12.2023 [3 MB] Language :English Advertisements 27/11/2023
arw Advertisement notice regarding special registration of flats available in Green Enlave, Sikandara Scheme-Agra, Majhola Scheme-4, Part-2 Moradabad, Shakumbhari Scheme-Saharanpur, Jagriti Vihar (Ext) Scheme-11, Meerut, Siddharth Vihar Scheme-Ghaziabad, Mandola Vihar Scheme-Ghaziabad & Shikhar Enclave, Vasundhara Scheme-Ghaziabad. Registration period 12.11.2023 to 15.12.2023 [12 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 12/11/2023
arw Advertisement notice regarding registration of (G+3) type houses at Vrindavan Scheme No-4, Sector-13, Lucknow. Registration period 10.11.2023 to 09.12.2023. [671 KB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 09/11/2023
arw Advertisement regarding E-Auction/E-Registration of free hold Mutts/Ashram/Dharmshala and Commercial Plots in the Inaugural Phase of Green Field Township, Ayodhya. E-Auction proposed on dt. 25.11.2023 [2 MB] Language :English Advertisements 03/11/2023
arw Important notice regarding numbering draw of residential plots registered during 15.04.2021 to 14.06.2021 under Jagriti Vihar (Extension) Scheme No-11, Meerut. Numbering draw proposed on dated 06.11.2023 [160 KB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 18/10/2023
arw Corrigendum of Advertisement regarding E-Auction for vacant Residential/Non-residential/Educational properties under various zones proposed on dated 17.10.2023/21.11.2023 as per revised schedule. [1 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 26/09/2023
arw Important notice regarding numbering draw & allotment of SFS houses under Bhoomi Vikas Evam Grihsthan Scheme-3, Jhansi among successful applicants in eligibility draw dated 10.09.2022. Numbering draw/allotment is proposed on dt. 20.08.2023 [554 KB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 10/08/2023
arw Notification regarding compliance of Hon'ble High Court order dated 26.08.2021 for representing claim of Junior Engineer(Civil) appointment under freedom fighter quota against advertisement No. 1926/Prasha-1/M-112 dated 08.08.2013 [215 KB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 15/12/2021
arw First Come First Serve (FCFS) Advertisements 01/11/2021
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