Corporate Profile

UPAVP is a nodal agency with top ranking among all housing agencies of the state. Established in April 1966 to work towards the housing solutions of the state. During the course of time UPAVP has progressed with various landmarks in the field of housing. It has won national level housing competitions organized by HUDCO in the year 1976 and 1979. Besides normal housing projects board has diversified its activities to planning, designing, construction and development of almost all types of urban development projects through out the state of Uttar Pradesh. UPAVP has planned and executed various projects for the development of health and education. It is also handling new district head quarters projects with the execution of large number of schemes. UPAVP has attained capability of executing large residential colonies and townships.

The UPAVP is an autonomous body and is capable to manage its activities with its own resources. Extra resources are generated with the help of loans from various financial institutions like Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Unit Trust of India, Life Insurance Corporation, banks and HDFC etc.

With budgetary income of 115976 Lacs and expenditure of Rs. 93169 Lacs for Year 2008-09, UPAVP has a very strong finance base. Over the years it has acquired keen expertise in resource mobilization for all kinds of housing and urban development projects. UPAVP can handle projects of any magnitude on turnkey basis in India and abroad. UPAVP have notified 137 cities for its activities. It has acquired 621.24 Hec. of land in 78 cities where housing schemes are being developed. UPAVP has so far developed about 280247 plots and houses of different sizes suitable to the requirement of every section of the society. This is a humble contribution of UPAVP towards society.

Human Resources

UPAVP is a professionally managed organization with specialists working in different fields viz. Architecture, Town Planning, Construction Technology, Infrastructure Design, Execution and Maintenance, Estate and Financial Management etc. Senior professionals and administrators head different wings of the Board.

Technical Step

Engineering Wing :
Chief Engineer
Superintending Engineers
Executive Engineers
Assistant Engineers


Architecture and Planning Wing :
Chief Architect Planner
Senior Architect Planner
Architect Planners
Assistant Arch. Planners

Quality Consciousness

UPAVP is highly quality conscious having its own quality control manual. The board has established one Central Laboratory and many regional testing laboratories. Besides these there are site labs with almost all schemes of the board.

Transparent Working

There are specific rules and regulations for all activities undertaken by the board. All rules and regulations of the board are made public through Gazette notifications.

Housing for the Shelterless

Although housing is the need of everybody but it is most needed to those who do not have any shelter over their head and are forced to occupy public land. For these people 8480 dwelling units have been constructed under “AashrayaYojna” at different places.

Housing for Middle Class

Another sector, which requires special attention, is the lower middle class. For these people UPAVP has so far constructed about 200000 dwelling units and plans to construct/develop another 550 dwelling units during this financial year.

Multi storied Commercial Arch cades and Offices

The UPAVP has constructed multi storied office buildings and commercial towers for its own and public use. It has also developed market areas and convenient shopping. Providing public facilities have also always been on Board’s priority.

Innovative Management Techniques

Recognizing the need for modern management techniques, UPAVP has adopted latest and many innovative methods and techniques; for its faster growth such as:

Land through negotiation

Normal procedure for land acquisition is highly time consuming and bothersome. UPAVP is now directly negotiating with farmers/land owners for acquiring land for Urban Housing Programs. This method of Land Acquisition is turning to be much successful.

UPAVP is also planning to acquire land on “Benefit Sharing Basis”. This innovative approach may tempt many landowners to part with their land for housing and urban development projects.

UPAVP is also considering joint venture ship with private developers and organizations of repute for mass housing.

Distress Management

During 1999, a severe earthquake hit Garhwal region of UP hills. UPAVP helped in rehabilitating thousands of people whose houses weredamaged/destroyed. The new houses were constructed with modern techniques and earthquake resistant.

Building Center

With a view to innovate and practice new building materials, UPAVP established its own Building Centers at 4 places in the state. New materials produced at these Centers are being used in various housing schemes of the board and other local bodies.

Public Redressal

To look into the difficulties of the allottees and landowners etc. a publicRedressal system is operating in Board since 1997. There is a face-to-face hearing and spot decision. There is every attempt to answer public queries promptly.


The board has diversified its activities for executing projects of bigger magnitude for other departments and agencies. At present it has many projects ofRs. 333.63 crore in hand. It includes construction of 4 to 10 storied multistoried buildings, their infrastructure. Constructing 300 bedded hospitals, office, building for various government departments, overall development and construction of newly created district headquarters and mass group housing.